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Problem Areas for Injured Workers

Processing the Ohio Workers' Compensation Claim 

  • Checking for an existing/old claim
  • Filing a new claim
  • Filing a claim even if no time from work was missed
  • Filing a claim even  if the employer paid wages / benefits for missing work
  • Filing a claim when the employer is paying the bills associated with the claim
If The Employer is​
  • A Public employer (i.e. city, county, state, etc.)
  • A Self-insured employer
  • A Small business
  • An Employer with no coverage
  • A Bankrupt or out-of-business employer
Ohio Industrial Commission Hearing Issues
  • Requesting a hearing
  • Canceling a hearing
  • Postponing a hearing
  • Hearing before a District Hearing Officer
  • Hearing before a Staff Hearing Officer
  • Filing an appeal to a hearing order
Ohio Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Temporary total compensation
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Wage-loss compensation
  • Amputation/loss of use awards
  • Disfigurement awards
  • Living maintenance
  • Permanent total disability
  • Settlement of claim
Complications That Can Arise in a Claim
  • Positive drug/alcohol screen
  • Cumulative trauma (develops over time)
  • Aggravation/substantial aggravation of a preexisting condition
  • Injuries during employer-related recreational or social activity
  • Coming/going to work or entering / exiting work
  • Injury while traveling for work
  • Injury in the parking lot of work
  • Major pain/trauma/complications from a minor injury
  • Loss of use/difficulty of use of an extremity (hand, finger, foot, etc.)
  • Depression, anxiety, psychological conditions caused by an injury
  • Stress-induced physical injury
  • Heart attack, stroke caused by stress at work
  • Wage loss due to medical restrictions
  • Old claims revisited; obtaining benefits after inactivity in claim
  • Benefits in a claim where no compensation was paid
  • Life of a claim (five years/six years/10 years)
  • New benefits for a condition that has worsened
  • Low wages / compensation rates due to the following:
    • Full-time student
    • First job
    • Homemaker
    • Multiple jobs throughout the year
    • Unemployed / looking for work
    • Injury soon after a return to work
    • Expected wage increase after injury

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